One of the main outputs of the project was a curriculum for adult educators and teacher, who deal with adult learners.  In the heart of developing this curriculum was the idea to support adult educators in raising the learning efficiency of adult learners, especially those who’s learning attitude is not very high and learning skills not so strong. 

The curriculum’s concept is underlined with the approach that learning efficiency can be increased through learner-centredness. The curriculum focuses on increasing the knowledge and skills of adult educators to design and conduct a learner-centred course in their field. The second underlying approach lies in designing the learning process by considering the modern knowledge about learning – the curriculum emphasizes the 4C model and Six Trumps by Sharon Bowman. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on increasing the knowledge and skills of adult educators to design a learning process, which supports efficient learning.

Through these approaches the curriculum also aims to support adult educators in supporting low-educated and/or low-skilled adults. By low-educated adults we mean adults with basic or secondary education or lower, including therefore adults whose school path has been disrupted. By low-skilled adults we mean adults whose skills are out of date, for example adults who have not or have rarely participated in continuing education for developing their knowledge and skills in relation to their work field and/or societal roles (e.g., being a society member, community member, parent, volunteer, member of an association, union etc.).

The aim of the curriculum is to support adult educators to raise the learning efficiency of their learners by adapting their teaching to the learner-centred approach.

In English
Curriculum Supporting adult learners’ efficiency in learning 

The curriculum is also available in all the partner organization’s mother languages: Estonian, Latvian and Slovak. 

In Estonian – Õppekava koolitajatele/ täiskasvanute õpetajatele: “Täiskasvanud õppijate õppimise tõhususe toetamine

In Latvian – Mācību programma pasniedzējiem un pedagogiem, kuri māca pieaugušos:  Efektīva pieaugušo mācīšana un mācīšanās

In Slovak – Učebné osnovy pre pedagógov dospelých: Podpora efektívnosti vzdelávania dospelých


All project results are also accessible on the Erasmus+ Project result Platform.